5 Spring Party Games to Embrace the Season

These spring party games celebrate rebirth.

I live in a city famous for its cold winters. So when there’s a warm day, we fling our windows open and garland our hair with flowers. That’s because we’re all looking forward to spring. 

Spring is a time when everything seems to unfurl, unravel from winter’s tight gloom, and become brighter. That’s why I love having a spring party. It just feels like renewal. And having spring party games makes celebrating the season even more fun.

The 5 Best Spring Party Games to Liven Up the Season

When you’re having a spring party, it might be all adults or it might be mixed ages. And while not every game needs to be for everyone, I think it’s more fun to get everyone involved. The games below are, for the most part, perfect for all ages. You can have variations on them and adjust the rules for different age groups to keep everyone interested. 

Here are five of my favorites:

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great and easy way to explore and work together. A spring one is fantastic because not only do you have to find things, but, in theory, you have to find things that weren’t there a few weeks ago. 

Some spring scavenger hunt suggestions include:

  • Birds (general for kids, specific birds like sparrow or cardinal for older kids and adults. But don’t do, like, a Kirtland’s Warbler, to name something that only makes sense to a very narrow audience.)
  • Flowers (can do colors for younger kids and specific flower types for older adults.)
  • Animal tracks
  • Specific animals (like rabbits or squirrels; something common in your area.)
  • Bird sounds (players have to imitate them. Believe me, this is fun for kids and adults.) 
  • Budding bushes or trees

You can have a “winner” if you want or just make it clear that the point of the game is to have fun. Everyone wins!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Tea parties are a classic rite of spring. You sit outdoors, dress fancy, eat odd little sandwiches, and laugh at ever-so-delightful misunderstandings, if my reading of Jane Austen has taught me anything. To make things even more fun, try a Mad Hatter tea party. 

It’s like a normal tea party, but with everyone in their finest Alice in Wonderland costumes. You can plan in advance to have people be specific characters or just embrace the theme of being absurd. To up the ante, you can bring Alice in Wonderland themed gifts. You don’t have to do much different than normal; just be prepared to believe at least three impossible things before breakfast. 

Egg Spoon Race

Eggs don’t have to be just for Easter; after all, spring is a constant reminder of birth. And what better way to celebrate than to act like a bunch of big ol’ goofballs? 

An egg spoon race is fun for everyone. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a bunch of eggs. It’s your choice whether to hard-boil them or not, but if you’re doing this indoors, we can’t recommend that enough.
  2. Have contestants hold their eggs in a spoon. 
  3. Ready, set, go! Everyone has to make it to the finish line with their egg still on the spoon. If it’s hard-boiled or doesn’t crack, they can pick it up if it falls.
  4. Laugh like a bunch of goons. 

Spring Crafts

This is more of an activity than a game, but it’s fun enough that we see no need to split hairs. Kids love making things and adults enjoy being able to express their artistic talents. Spring crafts get people even more in the mood for the season. 

Some crafts include:

  • Creating spring centerpieces out of flowers, branches, watering cans, baskets, or whatever else screams spring to you.
  • Decorating mason jars as an easy take-home prize. Small stones, ribbons, lace, plants, and more can turn a clear jar into a clear joy.
  • Floral ice cubes. These are temporary, of course, but putting a small flower in an ice cube gives your future drinks a floral bouquet. 

Secret Santa

I know, I know; this doesn’t seem like a springtime game. But what’s a party without gifts? And really, you can play Secret Santa year-round. As long as everyone knows the rules of Secret Santa, you don’t even have to call it that. It can just be a gift exchange. 

But what kind of gifts to get someone in spring? One idea is to make a spring gift basket, which can have anything from candy to seeds to self-care items. But you don’t have to stop there. 

If you use an online Secret Santa generator, you can browse spring gift guides for ideas. Anything from flowers to art to decorations to outdoor activities such as lawn games can get people in the mood for spring (and maybe give you something to play). Then, you can each start a wish list online and buy directly from that list. 

Spring Into Happiness With Your Loved Ones 

Even if I saw people over the holidays, those long, grey months make me so excited to see everyone again. It feels like the sun coming out. It feels like replacing a favorite jacket. It’s a deep spring-cleaning of the heart. 

That’s why a spring party is so much fun. There’s a joy in togetherness, and if you extend that joy with spring party games, including a gift exchange, you’re doing more than just getting together. You’re growing together, changing pages in time with the calendar. 

If you’re having a gift exchange as one of your spring party games, you want a Secret Santa generator that makes everything easy. Elfster let’s you pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. And it can all happen using an iPhone app or Android app

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