The Benefits of a Christmas Wish List Maker with Pictures

A Christmas wish list maker with pictures make it easier on the people shopping for you.

One of the most frequent holiday-time conversations I have with my wife is when we’re out shopping and I see something I like. She tells me, wisely, not to buy it because what if I get it for Christmas? This is, of course, wise and sagacious and just, but it falls apart under the two prongs of my logic:

  1. I haven’t put it on any list.
  2. I’m absolutely going to forget it by the time I get home.

Now, you could blame my shortcomings for this state of affairs, and that would be fair, but I also think this is pretty universal. When we’re making a Christmas wish list, we don’t include everything because we don’t think of everything. We don’t know everything that we want. 

So when we’re out at a store, we see something that catches our fancy. Unless we write it down, we won’t remember to ask for it. And if you’ve already made your Secret Santa list? Well, you might be out of luck. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right app, you can add to your Christmas wish list with pictures. Simply take a picture of the item you want and add it to your wish list that way. 

And just like that, my wish list problems disappeared. Using a Christmas wish list maker with pictures, yours can as well. 

6 Benefits of a Christmas Wish List Maker With Pictures

My Christmas ex-post-facto wish list problems vanished when I downloaded a picture-friendly mobile app, which you can get for both iPhone and Android. I was able to experience all the benefits of a Christmas wish list maker with pictures. Here are some of my favorite ones:

1. You can Continue Adding to Your Wish List.

When you’re making a list, especially for a Secret Santa gift exchange, it’s hard to think of what you might want right away. With an old paper list, once you hand it in, it’s done, set in stone, finito—even if the only thing you could think of at the moment was, “spoon set.” You don’t even know what a “spoon set” is. Nobody does. That’s not a thing. You just panicked. 

But with a wish list stored on an app, you can continue modifying it until Christmas day. You can think of something later and add it. This is one of the biggest benefits of having a virtual list. 

2. You can Add to Your List On-the-Go. 

The biggest contradiction of the season is not getting something you want for yourself because you want to get it from someone else—even if they don’t know it. This alleviates that problem. All you have to do is take a picture with your phone, then the item is added to your wish list for your friends and family to see. It couldn’t be easier and it’s possible to quickly update your list when you’re out and about.

Bonus: if your Secret Santa ends up getting you something else, it’s easy to retrieve and then order an item for yourself. You don’t have to worry about an item getting lost in the shuffle!

3. You Don’t have to Remember Everything. 

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. Parking can be a nightmare. Half the time, I forget my own name, much less the item I saw briefly and wanted to remember. Being able to take a picture and add it to my list that way is a huge relief. And I might even be surprised when I get it! 

4. You Don’t have to Know an Item’s Exact Name.

My wife has a charming and quirky set of tastes, often enjoying random art pieces or strange pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, neither of us has the vocabulary to describe them perfectly. So we often end up saying things like, “I want the chair with the long arms, but not too long, and they were kind of curled and also there is a stripe.” That’s… well, a lot of nonsense. But with the app, we can just snap a photo of the tag and we’re set. We never have to know what it’s called beyond, “odd chair we like.” 

5. The App will Capture the Right Size.

Very few people like putting down the size they want for an item of clothing. This is a way to dispel that issue. You can use the phone to take a picture of the tag and it captures the size for you. With one click, your Secret Santa can buy you the exact fit. 

6. You can Dispel the Fear of Missing Out. 

FOMO is a real thing. You worry that you’ll see just the right thing, the perfect gift, the item that blows your spoon set clean out of the water. But it’s too late. Or you won’t remember to add it to your list. And then the season passes, and sure, it was good. Secret Santa is always fun. The holidays are always fun. And hey, you have a lot of spoons. But you have also that nagging doubt. 

Well, you don’t have to miss out anymore. You can make this a perfect Secret Santa game. You can upload items to your list anytime, anywhere, without even having to know its name. 

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but for me, these pictures only lead to two: thank you. 

Want a Secret Santa picture that’s worth a thousand words? With Elfster and our online Secret Santa generator, you can start a Wish List and add to it on our app just by taking a picture. See how easy it can be by downloading the iPhone app or Android app

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