The Best Secret Santa Funny Gifts for a Goofy Gift Exchange Game

a silly game of Secret Santa

Have fun with a Secret Santa gift exchange.
Share some laughs with your loved ones. | Image courtesy Unsplash user Priscilla Du Preez.

Getting goofy for a Secret Santa gift exchange can be a bit difficult if you’re like me; the kind of person whose jokes are usually greeted by awkward silence. While most people are thrilled with a Secret Santa funny gift exchange, I usually struggle, wondering if my gag gift is going to fall flat.

Lucky for me, the internet is a thing. You don’t have to be funny when you can buy funny—or at least get a few decent ideas for Secret Santa funny gifts online.

Remember, even a goofy gift can be meaningful when you use it to show how much you know about someone. One of my biggest hits for a funny secret Santa gift exchange was an “I hate Mondays” coffee mug, capable of holding a gallon of coffee, for the office’s resident coffee addict. She still keeps in at her desk for those days!

I’ve discovered it’s so much easier to give a funny gift when you know your audience. Pick something unique about the recipient or about the party itself, and you’re guaranteed to get a laugh with your Secret Santa funny gift.

Pick a Theme for the Gift Exchange

A gift exchange with a fun theme.
You can always pretend you’re on the beach, right? | Image courtesy Etsy seller PuaAngels.

If you’ve decided to have a goofy gift exchange, it might help to tie it all together with a theme. Not everyone is a silly gift giving pro, so some parameters make it a bit easier to find the right present. It can also prevent those awkward “I don’t get it” moments that everyone dreads.

Here are a few fun themes you could use for your Secret Santa funny gift exchange:

  • Island X-mas: It might be below freezing outside, but you can turn your party into a beach-themed gift exchange by having your gift givers choose island-inspired items.
  • Retro Fun: Pick a decade and ask that everyone find something they think represents it the best. There’s nothing like a pair of Hammer Pants or a can of Aqua Net to remind someone of their humorous style mistakes of the past!
  • Handmade Holiday: Ask that your gift givers only select handmade goods or homemade gifts. This is a great way to ensure everyone gets a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Choosing a theme for your goofy gift exchange helps encourage everyone to really put some thought into the gift. So even though you’re choosing gag gifts, it will still feel meaningful and unique. Of course, sticking to a theme may not always be what your group wants to do. When that’s the case, your best bet when choosing Secret Santa funny gifts is to stick with what you know.

Personalizing Your Goofy Gift

Gifts for pet lovers.
Help your favorite pet lovers pamper their fur-babies. | Image courtesy Etsy seller PurrfectPetGifts.

You don’t need to know every little detail about someone to give them a gift that will make them laugh. One year, for a silly gift exchange at an office party, I got our overworked and self-admittedly indecisive CEO a Magic 8 ball. She proudly displayed it on her desk with a little note card proclaiming it her “Chief Operations Officer.”

All you really need to make someone laugh with secret Santa funny gifts is a detail or two about them. Some places you can look for inspiration include:

  • Their Job: This works both for office gift exchanges and for games held elsewhere. For a lot of people, their job is their passion (or at least something they spend a lot of time doing!), so giving them a gift that plays on it is a sure-fire way to make them laugh.
  • Their Hobbies: We all know that person who doesn’t just have a hobby; they live for that hobby. Find a gift that recognizes that and it’s a guaranteed laugh.
  • Their Pets: For some people, their pets aren’t just their pets. They’re their fur-babies. The funniest gift you can get for a person like that isn’t for that person at all. Instead, it’s for their furry friends.

All you need is one trait to latch onto if you want to give a funny gift that shows you put some thought into it. One fun way to give a great humorous gift is to not just limit your gift to one item. Instead, you can create a gift basket around a theme.

Putting Secret Santa Funny Gifts in One Hilarious Basket

A silly gift basket.
A basket full of laughs. | Image courtesy Unsplash user Freddie Collins.

Gift baskets are great for gag gifts because they let you put together a bunch of small items for one big laugh. When I gave the gift of the gallon sized coffee mug, I tied it all together with a Monday “survival kit” that included aspirin, a “Do Not Disturb” sign, and a set of earplugs. It cost very little money but was still a big hit.

Creating your own gift basket is a great option for a gag gift because it’s guaranteed to be unique. Instead of relying on the simple novelty mug or T-shirt, you can build a whole kit based on your recipient’s interests.

Give the teacher in your life a classroom-inspired basket filled with gold stars and red pens or create a kit for your resident golf enthusiast that includes a shovel for digging balls out of sand traps. Take what you know about your gift recipient and think about what would make them laugh.

Tips for Organizing a Goofy Gift Exchange

Have fun with a goofy gift exchange!
Silly gifts are the best gifts. | Image courtesy Etsy seller Parcelly.

When buying a gift for a silly gift exchange, try not to choose something that’s only funny in a generic way. Sure, whoopee cushions and rubber chickens might be the clichéd idea of funny, but what do they say about the person getting the gift? Usually, nothing at all. The purpose of the gift isn’t just to make someone laugh. It’s to make them feel like they’re laughing at an inside joke between the two of you.

If you want to make throwing your goofy gift exchange even more fun, try using a site like Elfster to start the Secret Santa game online. This way, there’s no need to stress because once you enter the emails of the participants, everyone will be paired up automatically. The site will also send out all the important information, such as a price limit or theme. It’s a sure way to make sure even the person organizing the event stays smiling!

Even when giving funny Secret Santa gifts, the key is keeping it personal. Gifts are designed to show how much you appreciate someone and you can’t do that if your gift is impersonal. Take a humorous slant on what you know about them and give the gift of laughter.

Still not sure what to get for your funny Secret Santa gift exchange? Take a look at some of our gift guides, like our $25 and under guide, for inspiration. You can share your goofy finds with us on Facebook, Twitter @Elfster, or Instagram @Elfster.

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