Postcards from Afar: Photographers Share Talents Worldwide

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; that’s why, when a group of talented photographers from all over the world decided to exchange their work using Elfster, the elves took notice!

These gifts from the heart — original photo postcards — are being exchanged by photographers who first connected on social media, but turned to Elfster to help better manage their monthly exchanges.


According to co-organizer Monica Smith, the group of 20-30 photographers from all over Europe, Australia and North America first met and got to know each other on Twitter, Flickr and other social media sites. Most of the exchange participants use film photography, but there are also members who shoot exclusively digital photography. Participants in the exchange must send postcard-sized prints of their original photos that are either printed traditionally in a darkroom, or printed on an inkjet printer. The group’s April exchange is its fourth exchange using Elfster, with future exchanges to continue each month with different names assigned each time.

“I think what’s great is that not many of us know each other in ‘real life’,” explained co-organizer Alex Yates. “We’re a global group of folks who have met each other online through a love of photography. We all have different styles and different approaches, but we’re just happy to share our work with each other, a postcard sized print is the perfect medium for that.”

The organizers decided to use Elfster for the group’s exchanges because it makes it easy! “I thought Elfster would work after participating in another photography gift exchange (a secret Santa),” Alex said. “That worked really smoothly, so Elfster seemed an obvious choice.”

Elfster has made the project “less stressful and, thus more fun,” Monica explained. “The fun part, for me, is receiving amazing photography in the mail from my friends (as well as sending it).” Monica said the ability to communicate with the entire group using Elfster’s questions and answers is helpful to share details about the project. “Newcomers might have questions about it, so the ability to post questions is very helpful,” she added.

“Elfster just makes it all very easy,” Monica said. “All I have to do is set up the exchange, invite people, and Elfster does the rest. It’s great!”

For this group, the more the merrier is their philosophy.

The elves at Elfster know it’s always the thought that counts and there is nothing better than art from the heart! What special gifts from the heart does your group like to exchange? The Elves at Elfster would love to hear from you, too. You can visit us on Facebook or tweet us @elfster.

photo credit:  Lindsey

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