Music Fans celebrate the season of giving

The Zac Brown Band enjoys phenomenal success. They have twelve hit singles, two platinum records, and a very loyal fan club, known as the Zamily. Currently over 13,000 members strong, they are leveraging the power of numbers to make good things happen. In this season, it is great to share a story about a group dedicated to giving to others in need. They have taken their common love of music, and turned it into a way to give back to their communities.



The biggest project for the band and the fans is setting up a camp in Georgia, called Camp Southern Ground. It’s a camp that will integrate kids with different backgrounds and diverse abilities, giving them an opportunity to learn and grow through customized programs provided in a positive, healthy and organic environment. The band has donated their time and holds special events to raise funds for the camp. Members of the fan club also help raise money for the camp by holding raffles at Zamily events before each concert. You can read more about this great camp, or send a donation, here at Camp Southern Ground.

Additionally, these music lovers have recently launched a group called the Zamily Action Committee, or Z.A.C. as it is known. According to Karen Van Den Hende, one of the fan club members, this was the first organized philanthropic effort of the organization with the goal, “to gather and deliver supplies for the Friends of Firefighters and volunteer fire departments assisting Hurricane Sandy victims in and around Breezy Point, NY. The voyage began in Chicago on November 28th, with supplies being donated, gathered, and loaded into a semi. From there stops were made in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, Birmingham, and Atlanta, where the supplies were inventoried and re-loaded before embarking on the east coast leg of the road trip, which stopped in Greensboro, Woodbridge, Turnersville, NJ, and Brooklyn before finally arriving at the Rockaway Point Volunteer Fire Department in New York.“

The Zamily does still find time to have some fun. They are able to keep in touch via a Facebook group, and plan “Zamily gatherings” before each show. Zamily members have also been involved in two gifts exchanges this year, one was a Christmas in July exchange, and the most recent going on now, and hosted on Elfster. The exchange that is underway now is a way for all of the members to stay connected during the holidays. According to Karen, “we really have become a family”, and the exchanges are providing another opportunity to interact.

Using Elfster has allowed people from all over the country to stay in touch with each other. Karen says, “Elfster definitely helped make things easier. It’s a great way to keep everyone organized. It’s nice to be able to see everyone’s wish list on the site, and everyone loves the anonymous question feature to help get a better idea of what your draw may be interested in.”

The gift exchange has a spending limit of $25, but some of the most cherished gifts are those that are homemade. Other popular gifts typically have something to do with the Zac Brown Band, since that is what connected all of the members in the first place.

As the volunteer organizer, Karen enjoys “how simple the website makes the exchange process overall. I also like being able to see the drawn names if needed, in case someone’s draw hasn’t updated contact info, answered questions, etc. I can know who that person is to give them a little reminder without exposing who their secret Santa is!”

Elfster is proud to be able to help this community of “givers” continue their tradition of giving. Learn more about the Zamily or become a part of this incredible group at

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