Four Ideas for Mother’s Day!

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Photo courtesy of CEO Sydney

Every day is an opportunity to thank the moms in your life for their hard-work, unwavering character, and unconditional love! On Mother’s Day though, you get a whole day to go all out and pamper the woman who creates and nurtures new life! This holiday is almost one hundred years old in America, and every country in the world has their own version of it. Check back all week for recipes and craft ideas to celebrate, but meanwhile, try out these five creative ideas to take her breath away!

Coupons for Mom: Invent services and favors like helping with extra chores, a free massage, dinner night, a picnic, a spa day, a painting, that will make her day easier and give your more time to spend together! Making your coupons with stapled greeting cards or a picture book will surely surprise her!!

Activity Kits: Whether she likes to garden, cook, hike, shop, or read, making your own kit focused around some of her favorite hobbies is the easiest way to show her how well you know and support her! Once you have a pretty basket and some bows or flowers, you can basically decide exactly what size and cost the kit should be to fit her needs.

Clever Bouquets: Some moms might not go for the traditional bouquet of flowers, but if you still want to show your appreciation and brighten up her room, consider a fruit, herb, or even chocolate bouquet that she won’t be able to resist!

Paint it Yourself: Crafts stores have some gorgeous blank picture frames, vases, shirts, and jewelry boxes that you can decorate however you’d like. Most likely, they’ll also be useful objects she’ll keep around for years!


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