Valentines Day Secret Cupid Exchanges

Valentines Day Secret Cupid Exchanges

The stores are brimming with cardboard hearts and chocolate assortments, reminding us all that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning a special occasion with your sweetheart or reminding yourself how fabulous it is to be single, why not plan a gift exchange to maximize the fun! A Valentine’s swap can be as fancy or casual as you like it, and it’ll be sure to put you out of any post-holiday season funk! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Something tasty: If your friends have a sweet tooth or are avid bakers, focus the theme around food! You can bake a batch of goodies for each person, keeping their dietary preferences in mind. If they like to share, it’ll even brighten the days of those around them! For non-edible gifts, check out Valentine-themed baking supplies, like cookie cutters, sprinkles, or dishes.

Something thoughtful: Remember when we used to exchange cards back in elementary school? Remind your loved ones why they’re special by crafting a personalized Valentine for them! Each person in your group can focus on one recipient, and they’ll have more time to make the card extra special. If you’re amongst poets, try your hand at some creative writing!

Something Chinese: Did you know that Chinese New Years falls on the same day as Valentines Day this year? Celebrate with 2 billion other people by exchanging candy, firecrackers, or new clothes. The color red will also bring them happiness and wealth for the year to come.

Something else? Other ideas include romantic movie swaps (sappy or not), flower/plant swaps, and coupon swaps (for breakfast in bed or dinner and a movie).

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