A Coffee Mug Gift Exchange for Moms That Doubles as a Back to School Teachers’ Craft Surprise

A Coffee Mug Gift Exchange for Moms That Doubles as a Back to School Teachers’ Craft Surprise

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Back to school prep—you have been conquered. From the binders to the #2 pencils, all the supplies are checked off the list, and the kids are getting used to their new school year schedules. Well, sort of.

Fellow moms, we emerge victorious from the hectic weeks of activities crammed into a few short summer months to keep our littles happy—and, let’s be honest, worn out enough for bedtime. Now to make plans with our mom-friends to congratulate ourselves on successfully getting through the mad dash transition from summer break to a new school year.

Let’s get together to commemorate summer’s end, and toast the teachers who are tackling the tough job of educating our school age kiddos. We can start to scheme ways to best support our kids’ teachers, share a few laughs about summer adventure anecdotes, and inspire each other to start each new school day off right—all while sipping on coffee and nibbling on bear claws. It doesn’t take a lot to make a memorable gathering, and we definitely deserve it!

Besides, what could be better than a back to school brunch and an inspirational coffee mug exchange with friends? Let’s face it, we all have a lot on our plates, but a little adult conversation, paired with a pastry or two, is definitely worth making room for. A quick trip to the store for a couple baked treats, a fresh fruit tray—maybe a delicious quiche or some flaky croissants with deli meat—easily covers the food spread with something for everyone.

Brew up some coffee and steep the tea, then ask your guests to bring their favorite creamer, potluck style, and a wrapped coffee mug with an inspirational quote, phrase, or image to exchange. I mean, with so many great novelty mugs out there these days, who couldn’t use a new favorite coffee cup, right?

When your guests arrive, get your gift exchange underway by having them place their wrapped coffee cups on a table, and then drawing names for all the mamas to pick a present, one at a time, from the pile. Or, create your exchange on Elfster ahead of time. This will allow each mom to personally select a thoughtful mug for someone else. This is a sure-fire way to guarantee each mug will be cherished for a long time to come! The new mugs can then be quickly broken in with a cup of Joe, or tea, as we delight in each other’s company.

Next, everyone can get crafty! Why wait until the end of the year to let the teachers know how thankful we are for all of their hard work? There’s no need to be super artsy to create a thoughtful gift. Just ask everyone to bring a gift card, in the amount of their choice, to a local shop or online store where school supplies are sold.

back to school teacher gift

As the host, you can collect colored cardstock, glue sticks, double-stick tape, assorted colored thin ribbon, and some 100 Grand candy bars. Bonus points if the cardstock and ribbon coordinate with your school colors! You’ll also want to print off the phrase below onto computer paper ahead of time. They can be printed two to a page, and then cut down the middle lengthwise.

Cheers to a great new

school year to you!

While we wish we could give

(100 Grand)

to help the year go smooth.

we send that many thanks, &

more, to you for all you do!

While enjoying brunch eats, great conversation—and sipping from our new coffee cups—we can assemble a small token of appreciation for our kids’ teachers, showing them early on in the school year that we’re ready to support them. They are helping us with the most important job of raising our little ones, after all.

You, the “hostess with the mostest,” will have all the crafting supplies laid out, and then share the instructions below with your guests:

1. Cut cardstock into strips that are a bit longer than the poem print outs.

2. Glue the poem print out to a strip of colored cardstock and let it dry a bit.

3. Attach a candy bar over the “100 Grand” line using double-stick tape.

4. At the bottom of the cardstock strip, cut small diagonal slits just shy of where the 4 corners of a gift card would line up in order to hold the gift card in place.

5. Starting at the gift card end of the cardstock, roll the paper strips up to the top and secure with a small piece of double-stick tape.

6. Tie a ribbon around the roll—and voila!

teacher gift DIY for back to school

These colorful gift scrolls fit easily into a backpack—or can be tucked into a cute mug for an extra special treat—and then left on the teachers’ desks the next morning. They’re a simple way to bring a smile to a teacher’s face at the start of their school year!

Having had our fill of brunch treats, and feeling fully caffeinated for the day, we leave each other ready to champion for our children, and their teachers, throughout the school year. The coffee mugs we exchanged are happy little presents that will serve as a souvenir of our time together. Knowing that the days to come mean early mornings scrambling to help locate homework and missing shoes, the inspiring quotes will make us smile, and give us encouragement, as we sip our morning fuel of choice—whether it’s tea, coffee, or a quad shot espresso. After all, we know all too well that being a mom is not always an easy job and, although we wouldn’t trade it for the world, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw a little party when our children hop on the school bus this fall!

Planning a fall-tastic gift exchange to celebrate the kids heading back to school? Let the elves help! Easily start a Mommy Mug Gift Exchange on Elfster today or browse our Back to School Gift Guide for inspiration. You can also connect with us via Facebook, tweet us @elfster, or catch us on Instagram at @Elfstergram

Jeni W

Jeni W

Jeni is a music-loving, crafty boy mom of 2. When she's not crawling on the floor after her toddler, she can be found DIY-ing up a storm, coffee cup in hand—there's always a reason to party in her world.
Jeni W
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