Celebrating Summer at the North Pole And Beyond

Celebrating Summer at the North Pole And Beyond

It seems that summer is the new winter here at the North Pole these days. Surf’s up for Santa and while the elves are busy monitoring the naughty and nice list, plenty of great exchanges are in full-swing. As a matter of fact, over 500 new exchanges have been created on Elfster in just the first two weeks of July!

Our friends in the fun-loving “Our Disney Ohana” group led by one of our favorite elves, Sandra Rumsey, are gearing up for Christmas in July and will be exchanging Disney-themed Christmas decorations on July 25 to celebrate the occasion. Nearly 200 participants from all over the world will be joining in the festivities.

And who can forget a great summer birthday celebration? Almost 300 members of the Hogwarts Running Club will be exchanging gifts with each other, even though it’s to celebrate the July 31st birthday of their beloved Harry Potter. (Coincidentally, this birthdate is shared by author J.K. Rowling as well.)

The possibilities are endless when it comes to connecting on Elfster. Why not celebrate the season by hosting your own summer-themed gift exchange with others who share your interests? We’ve got plenty of great ideas to get you started. Just add your own friends, family or online community. Here are a just a few of our favorite exchanges happening this summer:


Motivation For The Healthy Elf

Many groups are helping each other stay on track in the diet department this summer, but one group in particular will be sending the love, too. Over 200 members of one Weight Watchers community are connecting on Elfster to “Send the Love (#wwsendthelove),” an exchange which, according to organizer Stephanie Encin, “involves sending a small motivational care package to a friend full of Weight Watcher friendly items! Think: treats, pampering items, recipes, words of encouragement, kitchen items/utensils. The possibilities are endless! THANK YOU FOR SENDING THE LOVE!”

Sharing Foodie Fun

There’s nothing better than sharing a meal with great friends. Why not connect to share your favorite flavors and local fare like many folks on the site this summer?

For the fourth year in a row, Carl “cazzy” Zepeda is back with his “Egghead Rub & Sauce Exchange” in an exchange seriously dedicated to the art of barbeque. The 71 members of the exchange are all owners of the Big Green Egg sending care packages of barbecue favorites. The ceramic cooker/grill/smoker/oven known as the Big Green Egg – or BGE, for short – has a thriving community of enthusiasts around it, which has proven to be highly creative and very social using unique nicknames like “Brisket Fanatic” and “HoustonEgger.” Participant John “20stone” Jones gave a great shout-out to his secret elf: “Package received! Thanks a ton for all the stuff, and just in time for Porkapalooza down here.”

The “Champagne Room” group is going all out for its July exchange organized by Cassandra Shockley. With a budget of a very generous $60, Cassandra encourages her group to “Go wild – have fun and give a yummy food or drink (make sure it won’t melt if it has to sit on the porch a day or two).” Great advice as the mercury rises!

Creative Good

The name says it all for this super summer exchange — “Swiggity Swag, We’re Swapping a Tote Bag!“ We love the creative twist used by organizer Emma Spalding as she brings together artistic-types from all over the UK, with a few Americans and a Serbian thrown in to share the fun. Emma tells her elves to “Have a looksee at your swap’s wishlist and see if you can find an awesome canvas tote bag that would suit them perfectly! Then fill it with 3 (no more, no less) handbag essentials, we all have them, like the playmobil figurine that lives in mine and only pops up to say hello when i’m paying for something, bloody kids, anyway i digress. Keep within the spending limit (£10) and have fun!”

For those special elves organized enough to keep up with a daily planner, it’s easy to become addicted to not only the functionality, but the accessories as well. Courtney Jacobs is hosting an exchange of 60 Secret Sisters from Central Ohio Planner Addicts who take their creativity seriously when it comes to planning. In this exchange, participants will be paired for three months and will finally reveal themselves as they send their final gift.

“There were so many great ideas for this SUMMER swap,” according to organizer Amanda Wissmann of the 92-person “For the Love (FTL) Favorite Things of Summer” group. “So let’s stick with a summer theme — all things bright, summery and fun! Anything that’s giving you life so far this summer that you just can’t help but share! Could be a great book you read, a new bath scrub, etc. Just a super happy SUMMERY package! This is going to be FABULOUS!”

Sadly, summer will not last that long, but Team Elfster is so happy to help all these communities — and many more — to have fun, and connect with each other over their shared interests this summer. We would love to hear the story of you are using Elfster, too. You can visit us on Facebook or tweet us @elfster, or check us out on Instagram at elfstergram.

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Meghan Langseder

Meghan Langseder

Meghan L has been elfing it since she joined the team in 2009. She enjoys coordinating exchanges, talking to organizers, and all things Christmas. Join her for an eggnog latte anytime at Elfster.com
Meghan Langseder
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