Catch A Rainbow!

Catch A Rainbow!

Rainbow_2_by_bittykate Photo courtesy of Whisk Kid

We’ve discovered the recipe to happiness! Take equal parts butter, sugar, and rainbows, pop it in the oven, and watch your day brighten instantly! Each of these gorgeous Technicolor cakes are different, but we guarantee that no one turn down a slice. The one above features six layers in different colors, with a plain white buttercream in between to highlight the bold colors. (We recommend using gel food coloring, as it comes out much brighter than liquid food coloring.)

cuppedrainbow2 Photo courtesy of Epicurean Escapism

These single-serving cupcakes are made by dropping different colors in the center of the cupcake tin. As they bake, the batter rises and mingles into different patterns. Great for bakers who want to create an element of surprise!
rainbowcakecrumbs2 Photo courtesy of A Merrier World

Use the above technique in a larger tin with pastel colors, and you’ll get this beautiful result!

Vanilla-Rainbow-Buttercream-Frosting_BakersRoyale_Post_WM-1024x768 Photo courtesy of Baker’s Royale

Place buttercream of various colors in a piping bag and top cakes with a trippy icing swirl for a fast rainbow effect!

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